A documentary presentation featuring ‘Cultural Creatives’ and ‘Great Minds’ of our time.

SEERS and Sages Cover

Beautifully scripted narratives by visionary authors, metaphysical scholars and maverick physicists, unveil fascinating subject-matter that is both poignant and profound. Interviews with celebrity athletes and entertainers will serve as an introduction to the thoughts and ideas of visionaries whom they personally admire.

collage layout

Additional dialogues with Native American Tribal Elders, Hawaiian Kahunas, Tibetan Lamas and Aboriginal Shaman, will impart indigenous oral teachings rooted in antiquity.


By effectively integrating the arts and sciences through computer generated design, special effects and a compelling world-music soundtrack, these contemporary tribal elders of today will be provided a powerful vehicle through which to convey a legacy of specific knowledge and timeless wisdom, intended to heal, nourish and uplift the human Spirit.

timless wisdom

Uniquely designed to target multiple markets of varied age groups (both domestic and overseas), SEERS & SAGES will ultimately, provide a treasure house of inspiration for young minds and a golden shrine of enlightenment for all those who wish to refuel their Spirits.

Note: Celebrities pictured in above photos are some of the remarkable individuals who we envision for guest appearances, or as cast members for the SEERS & SAGES project…each subject to availability and contractual agreement.