“In each of us, there is a voice of advocacy and there is a voice of inspiration;
that we are all intertwined and interconnected…
that the uplifting of one person is the uplifting of all persons.”
-Audrey Kitagawa

KNOW WONDER CREATIONS is dedicated to the accelerated realization of our greater human potential. It is our conviction that by developing stories that deliver extraordinary ideas within the context of superb entertainment, we can activate and mobilize humanity’s collective energy towards meaningful change.


“Motion Pictures are the most potent communications medium in existence today
and as such, a natural conduit for mass awakening and empowerment.”
-Stephen Simon

A truly enthralling cinematic experience, infused with life-changing ideas and concepts, can compel us to redefine ourselves, our lives and our world. 

When a television series or feature film delivers storyline enriched with timeless wisdom that can be embraced by people of diverse cultures worldwide, millions, if not billions, can be uplifted and changed from that moment on.


Everything in existence was once imagined.
Thoughts either reaffirm the status quo, or they become the doorway to greater new realities.

As we evolve into a deeper understanding of the nature of reality, and become increasingly aware of the importance of harnessing our individual and collective power for the sake of the future, Know Wonder’s mission becomes increasingly relevant. By effectively utilizing our creative and financial resources toward the development of mass-media projects that are capable of inspiring audiences globally, KNOW WONDER aspires to affect change by “Changing Humanity’s Imagination of Itself”.

Now, by matching the energy of Know Wonder’s vision with the enthusiasm and devotion it takes to bring that vision forth, we are realizing a kind of cooperation that can actually result in remarkable change.

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