KEEPERS OF THE SECRET is a groundbreaking Limited Series concept, featuring both live-action and animation, uniquely outlined in three-parts as a story within a story. Set in the future, when humanity’s collective awareness has attained greater equilibrium in its ongoing evolution, deliciously diverse cultures flourish and thrive, side-by-side.

Communities live in harmony with nature…and their dwelling places are as individual as those who inhabit them.

During this momentous era, many great and illustrious souls have chosen to incarnate.

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Tesla is one such soul. 

From the moment of her birth, she was defiantly courageous, willfully tenacious…and as insatiably curious as she was an incorrigible dreamer.

Before the age of two, she had begun to demonstrate an ability to communicate with animals and know their thoughts.

Aware of  her thirst for knowledge and her intense desire for extraordinary abilities, Tesla’s  wise grandparents lovingly mentor her in the arts and sciences, as well as ancient esoteric wisdom.


Tesla becomes increasingly fascinated by the mysteries of existence and is determined to unlock the secrets of her greater human potential.

Adept elders teach and prepare her for the difficult rite-of-passage required of anyone desiring to wield the power of  supernatural skills..…and soon the time comes for her to embark on the prolonged inward journey of her vision quest.

KEEPERS OF THE SECRET then segues into a metaphoric, animated tale about the adventures of two caterpillars whose destiny’s elude them. 


Determined to re-claim their freedom from a tyrannical regime, they inadvertently discover their life’s purpose…and love’s secret promise.


The KEEPERS OF THE SECRET then returns to Tesla’s life, and reveals the unexpected outcome of her transformational journey within.

Infused with insightful metaphors pertaining to the unfathomable mystery of existence, the evolution of consciousness, global transformation and the triumph of the human spirit…KEEPERS OF THE SECRET is a story about birth, death, love, ambition, heartbreak, courage, and authentic power.

It also speaks of the silent whisperings of the soul, the secret yearnings of the heart and finally, the metamorphosis of spirit that naturally results in the realization of magnificent potentials that belong to us all! 


SOUNDTRACK: An extremely important part of the KEEPERS OF THE SECRET concept is the powerfully compelling magic of its phenomenal, multi-cultural soundtrack. Each musical selection, carefully chosen for its corresponding scene, greatly enhances the meaning and emotional impact of the story. Consisting of a broad spectrum of genres, the KEEPERS OF THE SECRET soundtrack will incorporate well-known composers and artists from diverse cultures throughout the world.

ANIMATION:  Rendered in two styles of contemporary, finely delineated (non-‘cartoony’) animation, KEEPERS OF THE SECRET aspires to become a leading-edge motion picture with universal appeal.