An extraordinary composite of sensory pleasure,
ALCHEMISTAS beckons us to mysterious realms where imagination is free to soar!


Creating a synergistic fusion of original contemporary music, empowering narratives and stunning visual imagery, designed for continuous display on computer and television screens, ALCHEMISTAS invites us into a new dimension of audio-visual experience!



There is an emerging culture of visionary artists who are giving expression to new genres of art. In addition to the traditional mediums, technology has provided an amazing palette of creative tools that allow artists to generate endless models of composition and design. The ALCHEMISTAS project showcases many of these artists, including such notables as Android Jones, Rassouli, Mark Henson, Amanda Sage, Carey Thompson, Adam Scott Miller, Luke Brown, Darren Minke, Chris Dyer, Xavi, Autumn Skye, Michael Pukac, Michael Divine, Geoglyphiks, Cameron Gray, Krystleyez, Mark Lee, Raul Casillas and Angela Russell.



By incorporating traditional instruments –guitar, violins, trumpets, saxophone– to the already limitless spectrum of music and sounds made possible by advancing technologies, Alchemistas’ producer-composers are bringing electronic music to a whole new level! The ALCHEMISTAS project features music by Random Rab, Desert Dwellers, The Human Experience, Guda and more!

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By matching the depth and beauty of the art with profound and poignant narratives, ALCHEMISTAS becomes a mystical odyssey, that entices us to reconsider, re-perceive and realize all that we are. Designed to nourish a deeper level of our human perception, ALCHEMISTAS provides a treasure-house of beauty, insight and inspiration for all those who wish to refuel their spirits!

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Written & Narrated by Angela Russell