An Epic Motion Picture based on the True Story of Nassim Haramein 


64 HARMONIC SPHERE is a story of discovery. It is the factual account of reknown Astro-Physicist Nassim Haramein and his journey to unravel the secrets of the universe. This is a tale of ancient knowledge, a modern mystic and a truth that will change the world.


Throughout history, there has existed the concept of an all pervading, primordial soup of energy at the base of the fabric of space. Embedded within this fabric is a primary geometric pattern coordinating creation itself. To unlock the secret of this pattern is the next evolutionary step of humanity.

Nassim Haramein decodes this pattern. After two decades of study into the geometry of hyper-dimensional systems and their relationship to the creation of three-dimensional reality, his revolutionary discovery not only unifies the theories of opposing branches of physics…but more importantly, provides understanding for the mysterious nature of ‘reality’ and its forces, including consciousness.


Nassim’s investigation into the geometry of hyperspace has combined quantum physics and a cosmological understanding of universal forces with other sciences such as biology and philosophy, resulting in advanced unification computations that, astonishingly, relate to ancient codes left in monuments and documents around the world. Examples of this information can be found in texts such as the Bible, the I Ching, the Mayan Sacred Calendar, as well as in building techniques used in the construction of Egyptian temples and Pyramids all over the planet.


The implications of Nassim’s work are extraordinary, from generating infinite amounts of power, to the capacity to cross frontiers in space. Further benefits include the total elimination of non-renewable energy sources, ending world famine, curing disease and perhaps most exciting of all, the evolution of human consciousness. The possibilities are unlimited.

21122479_1633371463362609_5987562051972992337_oBorn in Geneva, Switzerland, Nassim’s life story has been captivating from an early age. Vivid childhood memories of encounters with extraterrestrials, take him beyond the outer limits of our defined reality, sparking the basis for a unified field theory he calls the “Holofractographic Universe”.



As we witness the unfolding of his life, we are taken on an adventure where pieces of this truth are revealed to him. His travels as a professional skier, mountaineer and scuba diver, provide the dynamics through which he explores the mysteries of creation and the enigma of life itself. 

UNIVERSE Gif (4)Nassim’s experiences while pushing himself to the edge physically, fused with profound insights revealed to him through contact with alien beings, become the catalyst to scientific discovery which will inevitably, change the world as we know it.

Self taught with a PhD level expertise in the polyhedral geometry of space, a mastery of the interrelations of physics, astrophysics, geometry and philosophy, Nassim’s story moves us between extreme sports, interplanetary contact, science and ancient history, where the confirmation of his discovery has laid waiting to be revealed.