State of the ‘Wonder’

by Angela Russell
The Institute of Noetic Sciences – Summer 2006 © All rights Reserved


To begin, I’d like to quote the Noetic Sciences Review Number 57:

“Transforming ourselves into a truly sustainable civilization is the defining global challenge of the 21st century. Beside it, everything else fades into near irrelevance; because if we fail here, all other accomplishments, however noteworthy, will come to naught. It’s that simple.
This challenge has the capacity to draw from us accomplishments that will change the course of human evolution. We as a species have the ability to create the future that we envision. But first, we must cultivate a vision of ourselves as powerful and wise stewards of our planetary home. Our current dilemmas cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them. A shift in consciousness is required.
In order to rise to the challenge of this defining moment in history, our culture needs to discover a new story; one which will restore a greater sense of integrity to all of humanity.”

In every culture and civilization throughout history, there have been ‘Elders’ and educators whose fundamental task was to preserve, protect and uphold wisdom by speaking, demonstrating and passing it forward to future generations.
I am addressing today, what I consider to be a council of planetary tribal elders. There are those of you, who by virtue of your consciousness and capabilities hold the ability to respond, in a far greater capacity, and therefore the ability to accelerate change.
I am a “dreamer extraordinaire” if you will (an alchemist of sorts)… and I believe that Motion Pictures are the most potent communications medium in existence today and as such, a natural conduit for mass awakening and empowerment.


Quantum Physics has been described by some as ‘THE SCIENCE OF GODS’.

The most fundamental concept of the science of Quantum Physics is that of a unified field…an ALL PERVASIVE Source-Presence which reveals ourselves as entirely and absolutely interconnected with ALL that is.
Another primary principle of quantum physics, is that Consciousness (thought), moved and animated by energy, literally unfolds…in time…as ‘reality’; and that the OBSERVER…invariably, affects that which is observed.
The new physics says, that all of our physical tangible “reality” is created, perpetuated, balanced and sustained by primary intelligence and unseen forces, beyond the domain of our limited physical senses; that wave forms collapsed by creative thought…become particles and that dominant beliefs (held in sub-consciousness)…moved by emotion (energy-in-motion), take shape…like magic… right before our eyes, to become our individual and collective realities.
Through cutting-edge science, we are provided with a foundation of knowledge that upholds what the mystics, seers and sages throughout history, have known & taught… and these new models of thought about the nature of reality serve to eradicate doubt and disbelief about the (so called) “impossible” and the (so called) “miraculous”.
So, as we evolve ourselves to these new and rather extraordinary levels of understanding… we have begun the process of reconsidering, re-perceiving, remembering and real-izing all that we are. which then, enables us to re-create our personal, subjective realities…together…collectively.
Now, if we were a great galactic council, observing this planet from a distance and saying to ourselves “What can we do to assist these people in moving away from self-destruction?” I believe that one of the great idea we would come up with would be to saturate this planets media with transformative life-changing ideas that would become contagious… and inevitably spread like wildfire until critical mass were achieved… and these ideas became common place.
Certain knowledge, when understood and experienced… creates wisdom that is utterly enriching and empowering…. the adventure of life is exhilarated, healing occurs, and the natural enchantment of living is restored.
To enforce change, is enslavement… the way of tyrants and tyranny But to inspire a change of mind and heart, that it is desired from within… instead of enforced from without, is pure romance. It allows us to be in love with our lives… and with life itself. And so, we are here to inspire humanity’s imagination of itself… for the sake of restoring romance on this plane of existence, at this time.
Again, if we were observing the Earth from the vantage point of a Galactic Council,…. and realizing the urgency and magnitude of this planet’s predicaments, this is not something that we would postpone.
So the question then becomes….
How do we incite inspiration that doesn’t evaporate once felt; doesn’t become stifled by fear and doubt?
There are ideas and concepts that, when truly understood and then experienced, cause us to redefine ourselves, our lives and our world.
When a documentary film delivers concepts, thousands of people are affected.
But, when a mainstream feature film with global distribution delivers these ideas in a way that can be understood and embraced millions can be affected, inspired and changed from that moment on. This might naturally result in a type of thought-contagion, through our unified interconnectedness known as the “morphogenic field” effect.
Further, when a belief or concept becomes accepted by a small percentage of people, it can easily gain exponential momentum through a tipping-point phenomenon known as ‘critical mass’, Not so long ago, space travel was considered impossible, cell phones were outrageous… computer, epigenetics and nano technology unheard of…and so forth. But just as a glass, filled one drop at a time, will inevitably overflow… saturating everything surrounding with its contents… so do great shifts in the common mind-set occur.
One of the concepts presented in the documentary film “What The Bleep Do We Know” (that our cells are comprised mostly of water which is absolutely affected by dominant beliefs and attitudes) were delivered through storyline that most everyone could understand.
Imagine, if it were to become common knowledge that our physical bodies are the direct result, of a specified design or pattern, held in consciousness in the quantum field. That 98% of our cells are less than 1 year old… and the other 2% approximately 4-7 years old, all of which either regenerate or degenerate according to a collective program of beliefs. It would change forever the way we think about our physicality.
Now, certain aspects of ancient knowledge have become substantiated by science. For instance, we now know that invisible forces are the source and foundation that give credence to all physical, tangible reality; that ALL that we experience, has manifested as the result of the consistent projection of dominant beliefs. (i.e. consciousness or primary thought, focused through intention and moved by energy into a lower, slower density of sensually perceptible, or tangible “reality”),
After having deeply contemplated questions such as “Why am I here”… and “What is life?… and not being satisfied with rote answers such as “Life is a school…we’re here to learn”
we might be inspired through a great motion picture storyline that…

The adventure of our lives is a virtual science lab of creative exploration. As the lawgivers and architects of our destiny, we are here to cultivate visionary imagination, with which to recreate our personal and collective experience. Throughout this ongoing journey of Self-discovery and Self-remembrance, we gain experiential wisdom and evolve to become sublimely skilled creators!

Now, there are millions of books, words, ideas, belief systems, philosophies and methodologies, that have been eloquently (or otherwise) delivered by many highly esteemed authors, scholars, physicists, artists and philosophers, throughout the ages. But how can these billions of ideas be experienced in such a way that the entire mind-set of humanity would be shifted and changed?
Whether shown at home or in theaters, MOVIES are the place where we go to safely surrender to an unknown experience because they allow us to be ‘in it, not of it’.
As we sit comfortably in our seats We get to become witness to, and the observer of, all manner of reality; We can experience the horror of war, with no fear of being injured or killed, We can experience “falling in love” without any personal involvement, We can feel what it feels like to be up against all odds, And we can know what it is to become fearless and triumph over tyranny. We can experience having our hearts broken and losing everything Or having our dreams come true in some unexpected way.

It has been said that “At the very core of global manipulation, is the manipulation of humanity’s imagination of itself.”
What if mass media projects were to give people, especially young people fundamental understanding of themselves and of life itself that transcended race, religion and political persuasion… and become personally identified with unlimited ideas like “Whatever the mind of man can conceive, it can achieve” –W. Clement Stone

What if audiences could walk away truly excited…and deeply inspired with greater understanding, about the life-changing implications that those concepts, may hold for their own lives…. so that through the ‘critical-mass’ phenomenon, humanity could awaken much more rapidly to express it’s greater potential.
AND, given that the ideas imbued in the storyline are so compelling, empowering and entertaining on so many levels they would want to view it over and over many times… because it worked to awaken in them something that had been lying dormant, or something that they had never before considered possible.
Ideas delivered by be some of the most distinguished icons and cultural creatives of our time! Enter MOTION PICTURES that combine extraordinary ideas with sublime entertainment.
Certainly, the making of motion pictures is an alchemical process; taking time, events, film, music, talent and technology and combining all these elements into a new “virtual” reality EXPERIENCE….
There are many great films that have already been made, to be sure, and each one, regardless of its success, is no less than a miracle of teamwork. But now, let’s take this a step further and impregnate these stories with revelationary ideas that might catapult us beyond mediocrity and the status quo, by igniting our imaginations, enriching our souls….and inspiring our hearts, thus enhancing our ability to activate energy towards change. This is the REVELATIONARY agenda of Know Wonder Entertainment.

I learned from raising my own children, how to raise the children of humanity that any parent who wishes to teach a child something important, must first ascertain that child’s level of understanding, build a bridge, walk across that bridge, take them by the hand and bring them across step by step.
KnowWonder Entertainment is that bridge. It’s creative and business infrastructures have already been built and are ready for us to walk across, take our humanity by the hand, and begin ushering it through wondrous changes.

With a little help from the “Great Minds & Visionaries of our time”:
Albert Einstein, Rabindranath Tagore, Mark Twain, Nicola Tesla, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Maya Angelou, Jim Henson, Oprah Winfrey, George Lucas, Michael Talbot, Edgar Mitchel, Jacques Fresco, Nassim Haramein, Dr. Joe Dispenza Stuart Wilde, Osho, Jason Silva, Michael Beckwith, Deepak Chopra… and many, many others.

And so, in the spirit of “Knowing Wonder… a tribute;

“Here’s to the “crazy ones” The misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers; The round pegs in the square holes; The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules and they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them, Because they change things; They imagine, explore, create, invent, heal and inspire; They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as crazy, we see genius: Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do!”
-Apple Ad