Show VI. Quantum Consciousness


An Interview with Reverend Dr. VICI DERRICK November 11th, 2009

In this show, we have the honor and privilege of enjoying an impromptu dialog with Reverend Dr. Vici Derrick, a truly gifted emissary of transformational wisdom. Having been in ministry for over twenty five years, she is an astute metaphysical scholar who, with her grand humor, and deep abiding love, has the powerful countenance of a world-class ‘tribal-elder’.

Along with other highly esteemed spiritual leaders –such as Dr. Deepak Chopra and Reverend Dr. Michael Beckwith— Reverend Vici Derrick is a shining star in the league of great and courageous souls that have acted as ‘midwives’, assisting in the birth of a truly enlightened spiritual community.

A brilliant writer, Rev. Vici Derrick has authored two books “Let’s Eliminate Negative Thinking” and “Meeting God Where You Are”. She has been a keynote speaker for many organizations, as well as a consultant for major corporations across the country. Rev. Vici Derrick currently resides in the state of Washington where she continues to write and speak at various churches.

“We each have two lives: the one we are given… and the one we create.”
The greatest metamorphosis we can experience
is when we change from who we have been told we are,
into who we were born to be.”
-Vici Derrick