Show V. Awakening: from ‘Endarkenment’ to Enlightenment


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“The principal of change is one of nature’s constant laws.
The universe is in perpetual motion; we are continuously evolving.
We can resist change… or allow transformation.”
-Autumn O’Mahoney

“Our role as humans is to participate fully in the process
by which the intelligence of the universe is awakening over time…through us.
The knowledge and insight, generated from this expansion of consciousness,
has the potential to influence the course of evolution itself.”
-Pir Vilayat Inaya Khan

“When one man goes insane, we are all to blame;
the madness is created by all…
for if we viewed all men as stars, then no star would fall.”
-Andrea von Botefuhr

In this show, we’ll be exploring the various aspects of darkness and light, as it pertains to our lives…and our evolution. We’ll expand our understanding about ‘darkness’ –whether it be in regards to so called ‘evil’ and the ‘shadow matrix’, experiencing a personal ‘dark night of the soul’, or in terms of the dark silence of the void from which all creation emerges—as we discuss the natural, inevitable process through which darkness becomes ‘enlightened’.

“We will begin to see ourselves, not as static organisms,
but as living processes, evolving into the future
as a continuous dynamic event of self-creation.”
-Allan Combs: The Radiance Of Being