Show II. Who Are You?


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It has been said…
“Man knows not what he IS, so he thinks like a fool!”

“There is a Self that we harbor which is all-knowing and vast by nature
This mysterious One makes Itself known when invited.
We invite It by dreaming beyond limitations.”

The illumined ones throughout the ages have taught…that there is no separation between God and humanity…visible and invisible. But rather, that there is one unfathomable source from which all things emanate.

If together and individually, we continue to awaken from the state of conditioned hypnosis, which facilitates our experience of lack and limitation…
and if we can dispel the doubt and disbelief that undermines the realization of ourselves as skilled creators, our personal evolution then becomes enhanced and accelerated, and we allow ourselves to know and create ‘heaven on earth’…

“For we are not the fools we pretend to be…we are the light.
We are not “only human”…we are Creators…no less.”
-Angela Russell