Jinan Arne Wong

Jinan Arne Wong

Offshore 2-D 3-D Animation Production

Arne Wong has been working in animation production for 30 years as an Art Director, Designer, Director, Storyboard Supervisor and Producer in 2-D 3-D animation production. After first working on Walt Disney’s TRON, Arne has consulted and worked in feature film and TV production in the Pacific rim market and has been awarded Emmy and Cleo for his past works. Believing in humanity’s connectivity, Arne aspires to bring the best of all cultures and talents together.

He currently has personal and business relationships with studios in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. His clients include Walt Disney (Los Angeles), Golden Harvest (Hong Kong), TMS (Japan), Cuckoo’s Nest (Taiwan), Saban Entertainment (Los Angeles), Menfond Electronic Media (Hong Kong), DCDC (hong Kong), and GDC (China).



Dear Angela,

The level of consciousness and vision reflected by these projects is most impressive and what I believe to be potentially award-winning and profitable material.

I would be honored to participate in the creation of the animated film Keepers Of The Secret. I offer you my devotion to quality, along with a reputation in producing and directing highly marketable projects for the past 25 years.

I look forward to our continuing collaboration and co-creation.

JinAn Wong