Dr. William McAdoo, PH.D

Dr. William McAdoo, PH.D

Forensic and Clinical Psychologist
Guest on Oprah Winfrey Show “Children Who Abuse Their Parents”
Keynote Speaker and Guest Lecturer

Dr. McAdoo’s career has ranged from corporate America, to institutions of higher learning, to government consultation and the establishment of social research firms, and finally into criminal, civil, juvenile and family courts throughout the country.

As a Forensic and Clinical Psychologist, Dr. McAdoo understands issues of gender prejudice, sexual harassment, and discrimination in employment and housing, and what is necessary to mediate conflicts or to achieve meaningful and positive outcomes in a court of law.

Over the years, Dr. McAdoo has been a guest speaker and commentator on local and national radio as well as at conventions, workshops and to professional organizations on the subjects of psychological assessment, adult relationships, parent/child relationships, child custody and psychology and the law. As a consultant, expert witness and researcher, Dr. McAdoo has written hundreds of reports and authored two books. A few of the organizations and subjects which Dr. McAdoo has addressed in recent years include:

• The Oprah Winfrey Show, “Children Who Abuse Their Parents”
• California State University, Los Angeles, “Psychology and the Law”
• Los Angeles County Bar Association, “Psychological Assessment”
• Superior Court Judicial Institute, “Juvenile Law and Procedures”
• Los Angeles County Child Support Forum, “Child Custody and Visitation Issues”
• Washington, D.C. National Press Club, “Legislation on Child Abuse”
• Association of School Psychologists, “Issues in Psychological Assessment”
• California Youth Authority, “Harnessing Negative Energy”
• Mental Health Care Providers, “Not One Victim of Child Abuse”
• University of California, Los Angeles, “The Black Psychologist & Society”

Dr. McAdoo has been recognized over the years as an expert diagnostician, hypnotherapist, forensic examiner and witness in criminal, civil, juvenile and family courts throughout the state of California and in Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Texas, Ohio, Missouri, Idaho and Nevada. Dr. McAdoo has been retained in cases involving murder, assault, mental competence, and worker’s compensation, and his expert opinion has been sought in cases of alleged child abuse in day-care operations, as well as in other civil cases.

Dr. McAdoo is also often called upon by attorneys in civil and criminal cases to investigate and render an expert second opinion. His knowledge of the human relations issues, investigative skills, and consultation involved in case presentation in the legal environment often is a critical factor in successful problem resolution.


Dear Angela,

The course of one’s lifetime, one is fortunate to meet special individuals whose vision, creativity and spirit allow them to discover a path that can bring change to humanity.

There have always been seers and sages who have had to navigate through human darkness, where collective conditioning has dulled individual perception and exploration of self. Misdirection has been formidable in its waste of humanity by blinding us to the socialization that is dishonest and limiting in its reward. This dishonesty hasn’t enslaved our minds; it is a vortex where we are sucked into that which leads to the impoverishment of spirit and the debilitating abandonment of self-discovery.

Your projects are far greater, I believe, than you may understand, for they open the door to the unlimited nature of human potential…and have the power to reawaken within each spirit a mandate of joy and enrichment that is the most priceless of human treasures.

If these words communicate my deep respect and profound gratitude for your sharing, then you know of my support in regard for your projects. One cannot exaggerate the importance of your projects. They have the potential to touch and embrace multitudes!

Best Regards,

Bill McAdoo