Rev. Dr. Vici Derrick

Rev. Dr. Vici Derrick

Writer/Author, Metaphysical & Biblical Scholar, Educator, Key Note Speaker, Minister
Vici Derrick Ministries – Seattle, Washington



I’ve been painter, teacher, picture taker, preacher, song-maker and writer of poems.

I’ve raised eyebrows, expectations, three sons, one husband…and from time to time a little sand.

Sung, panted, raved, ranted and won money in Vegas.

I’ve been loved, shoved, courted, aborted, adored, ignored, laughed at inspired…sick and tired.

I’ve made cookies, cakes…not a few mistakes, lifelong friendships and nightlong love.

I’ve been , noble, coy, clever and nineteen….twice.

I’ve been honored, ashamed, serene, loud and mighty damn proud.

Pissed off, pissed on and pistive…less often than I’ve been passive,

Progressive, funny, festive, strange, completely out of range…of mere mortals
and even my own previous understanding.

I’ve looked upon angels, through people, rose colored glasses and at both sides.

I’ve taken no shit, some advice, few prisoners, the high road and thrice flung myself across the chasm…with closed eyes, clenched fists, gritted teeth and a fuck-it attitude…

The whole time growing, the whole time knowing, I am whole and healthy and real okay.

I do not have to have all the answers…I don’t know all the questions.

These things I know:

You can’t grow it til you sow it, and the best seeds are sown in dreams…and grown in secret.


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Thank you for the opportunity to express my enthusiasm about Know Wonder’s projects. I wholeheartedly support your vision and have no doubt whatsoever about the viability or the necessity for such projects.

As we move into the new millennium, we are responsible for creating a new model for future generations, and it is not enough for only a few to understand the new equation. Somehow, the masses of people on this planet need relief from long held and erroneous thinking.

We have arrived at a time when the public has been prepared. The timing for such projects is right. Even the name of your company “Know Wonder” is right. It is time for mankind to know the wonder of their existence.”

REV. Vici  Derrick